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Pain and Suffering for Bike Accident

When it comes to pain and suffering, a plaintiff and his or her personal injury lawyer must prove up the damages. An insurance adjuster or jury may consider how athletic the injured person/bicyclist was before the accident and the effect the accident had upon his or her lifestyle.  With injuries involving athletes, it is helpful to hire an attorney who is familiar with working out and knows the importance people place on their ability to exercise.  Many people consider it odd that a person would want to run a marathon or compete in an Ironman. An attorney familiar with these events will have an advantage explaining your interests and the effect an accident has had upon your personal lifestyle choices, goals, and future plans. A Few general considerations regarding pain, suffering, and damages might include the following:

1. Type of employment, amount of wage loss, inability to return to work, less productive at work;

2. Life expectancy at the time of the accident, where you are in your life (golden years);

3. Whether the plaintiff is an athletic person who runs, bikes, works out prodigiously;

4. Past accolades and awards like high school state qualifier, completed past century rides, age group triathlete, former Ironman, multiple marathon finisher;

5. Past long distance bicycle rides, past commuting to work,

6. Present fear of biycling, advisal by doctor to refrain from riding, refrain from exercise, inability to exercise, weight gain etc.

7. Partial or full disability.