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Bicycle Accidents

Collisions with motor vehicles are fairly common. 

Injuries suffered in these types of collisions can affect a person for the rest of his or her life. Common bicycle vs. motor vehicle injuries include head injuries, broken bones, injuries to knees and shoulders, scarring, and soft tissue damage. The aftermath of a collision with a motor vehicle can be frustrating and complicated. Insurance companies immediately seek to limit the amount of money if any they have to pay. They do this by calling up the injured bicyclist and taking a recorded interview to try to use later against the bicyclist. Insurance companies frequently blame the bicyclist for the collision even when the police cite the driver and not the bicyclist. The officer's opinion does not matter because the officer did not witness the collision. Oftentimes bicycle injury cases involve several different insurance companies. Trying to get medical bills and out of pocket costs and fair value for your bicycle can be time consuming and frustrating. Trying to determine how to best settle a case by reading articles on the internet is also difficult. Hiring a bicycle injury lawyer can often take stress away from the injured bicyclist and his or her family members. Once a lawyer is hired, the insurance company has to go through the lawyer, not the injured person. A lawyer who has experience dealing with bicycle injury cases can give an injured person a rough idea of what similar type injuries settled for, how long the case may last, and what types of costs and issues to expect/ plan ahead for. I offer a free consultation on all cases. Please call me if you have questions or need help for you or a loved one.