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Ignition Interlock Device Wisconsin

This is a summary of the pink IID form handed out to DUI defendants in Dane County:

If you are convicted of operating a motor vheicle while intoxicated, operating with a prohibited alcohol concentration, or improperly refusing to take a test for intoxication, Wis. Stat. 343.301 (1g) requires you to equip any vehicle you drive (whether or not it belongs to you) and any vehcile registered in your name (even if there is also another name on the title) with an ignition interlock decivice if: 1. This is your first OWI/PAC and your bac is .15 or higher OR

2. This is your 2nd, 3rd, or additional no matter what your bac is OR

3. Your refusal to take a test was found unreasonable by the Court.
How much does an ignition interlock device cost? According to the pink form, the cost of installing and maintaining an IID on a vehcile can be estimated at $1,000 per vehcile per year.
Who determines when the IID will have to be installed The Court
Who determiens how long the IID must be in place for The Court
Does this affect Huber/ Work Release Priviliges? According to the form, a convicted person must install necessary IIDs within 2 weeks of being sentenced in order to be eligible for Huber/work release.  (Note that in some cases, a defendant may be taken into custody immediately at the time of sentencing).
Who can install IIDs in Wisconsin?

Click for Wisconsin service centers and prices charged for installing and maintaining an IID.
Are there additional things to be concerned with? Yes, there are various other rules and laws.  One important law is that a person subject to an ignition interlock device order may be convicted of OWI with a PAC if the person's bac is more than 0.02. 
Is there any way to get a discount on the cost? If the Court finds that household income is at or below 150% of thefederal poverty guideline, then the Court can order the person only has to pay half the cost of equipping the car and half the cost of maintaining the car.
How do you apply for a reduction of IID cost? Hire a Madison DUI lawyer or go to the Dane County Clerk of Courts Office and request the paperwork.  It is very important to bring proof of finances and to apply early or you may be excluded from the cost reduction.