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Moped Accidents

Mopeds are often referred to as scooters, Vespas, Sprees, or motor scooters.  Moped usage in Wisconsin and particularly Madison is on the rise.  With the increase in cost of gas and the availability of better parking, many UW-Madison students choose to ride mopeds.  There are several laws in place in Wisconsin that relate to moped usage.  Mopeds require a license and registration. On campus at UW-Madison, mopeds also require a valid parking permit.  UW-Madison wants moped users to know that driving on the sidewalks, bike paths, and wheel chair ramps is not permitted.  Double riding is also not permitted.  Fines may range from $30 to $75 for parking or towing violations. Although helmets are not required for mopeds in Wisconsin they are encouraged as are lights during the day and protective eyeware.  Moped accidents often involve head injuries even when the driver is wearing a helmet.  If you have suffered injuries as a result of a moped accident or as a pedestrian, make sure to get a police report and contact a Wisconsin lawyer a.s.a.p.  Your lawyer should be familiar with the various Wisconsin laws relating to pedestrians, mopeds, insurance, and personal injuries. Vespa and moped accidents often involve serious injuries because the rider is not protected from harm. 

Attorney Clayton Griessmeyer is licensed to practice law in Wisconsin and California and is familiar with laws and accidents relating to pedestrians, bicyclists, and moped drivers.  As a personal injury lawyer, he is available to meet with injured people throughout the State of Wisconsin from Madison to Milwaukee.