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Drugs Courts in Wisconsin

Several Wisconsin Counties have drug courts. If you are charged with a drug crime, call a lawyer and they will be able to tell you whether that county offers drug court. Getting into drug court could safe your life and could affect you the rest of your life. It may prevent you from dying from overdose. It could prevent a felony conviction which would likely cost you a huge amount of money over the course of your lifetime because it would limit the type of jobs you may be able to obtain. Even non violent possession type drug cases are taken very seriously by prosecutors and are often frowned upon by colleges, employers, and others. Avoiding a conviction through settlement of the case, trial, dismissal, or drug court is extremely important.

According to the pamphlet handed out in court, the mission of Dane County Drug Court is to reduce crimes committed in Dane County by people with substance abuse problems.  The program offers educational and employment linkages that help defendants become productive members of the Dane community. 

Goals and Benefits: Breaking the cycle of drugs and crime.  Reducing criminal justice costs by reducing drug addiction and street crime.  Reducing incarceration for particpants who present a low risk to public safty. 

Eligibility: 18 years old.  Dane resident.  No adjudication or conviction for violent felony offense.  No pending violent misdemeanor charges.  diagnosis of controlled subtance abuse or dependency and a willingness to address this issue in treatment.  Criminal case referred to DCTP must be for felony cahgre.  No misdemeanor only referrals effective July 1, 2011. 

For more information, see the pamphlet below that is provided by the Courts.