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Hit and Run Bicycle Accident

Hit and run can be considered a criminal offense in Wisconsin.  A driving hitting a bicyclist must stop and provide information and determine the bicyclist is not injured.  In a recent Wisconsin Supreme Court case, a young bicyclist was hit by a car.  The driver stopped and the biker told the driver he was o.k. although he was actually seriously injured.  The driver drove off and when the injured boy sought money for his medical bills, his own insurance company said there was no "run" as part of a hit and run and therefore the company should not have to pay anything for the boy's injuries.  The Wisconsin Supreme Court determined that the intent of the driver who left the scene is not important and instead what matters is the expectations of the insured and the insurer under the contract. Since the language in the policy of the injured person was ambiguous, it was construed in favor of coverage for the injured boy.

If involved struck by a driver who flees, contact the police and report the matter immediately. Follow up with a few injury lawyers to get their advice on how to proceed. Injury lawyers generally work on a contingent fee and usually do not charge people to talk about the potential case. I offer free consultations on all cases. Call me if you need help or have any questions about the law.