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Bicycle Safety


Tips for Bicyclists to Avoid Collisions with Cars: 1. Wear high visibility clothing-a high vis vest can easily be placed over jerseys; 2. Choose safe roads and safe times to ride when you can, it is estimated that if a car is traveling at 45 mph or higher at the time of collision, there is a 95% chance of death for the bicyclist; 3. Use flashing front and rear lights even during the day; 4. Be on high alert at every intersection. The vast majority of bicycle vs. motor vehicle collisions take place at intersections; 5. Remember a driver may look at you and their brain may not register you as a threat-thus they may still turn left in front of you. Do not assume a drive ever sees you at an intersection, even if you think you made eye contact with the driver. Tips for Motor Vehicle Drivers to Avoid Collisions with Bicyclists: 1. Do not roll stops; 2. Be especially careful around driveways and when moving from a parking lot or driveway onto a roadway; 3. Be careful when making left turns, especially when looking towards the sun. Oftentimes drivers fail to see a bicyclist or see the bicyclist but their brain does not register it as an emergency; 4. Before turning right, make sure the lane is clear and merge as far to the right as possible; 5. Give an absolute minimum of three feet when passing a bicyclist from behind. When traveling at 15 mph or more, move over farther than three feet. Wisconsin law allows drivers to drive on the left side of the center of a roadway or any portion thereof which has been designated a no passing zone either by signs or yellow unbroken line to overtake and pass, with care, any vehicle traveling at a speed less than half of the applicable speed limit at the place of passing.